Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love is in the air

And this time, it's for real! 

The Jasmine that teased and taunted me through multiple fits and four evenings of unfinished frustration is done - and I think it's rather gorgeous.

It fits like a dream (apart from ahem is that a swayback??), is warm, comfy, stylish, and well, what more could a girl want?

Happy Valentine's Day!

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The lowdown

  • Pattern: Colette Jasmine
  • Fabric: polyester crepe from the Maison Dorée.
  • Fit changes: too many to mention... I ended up with a size 8 and an FBA, with a sizeable wedge taken out at the top of both the centre front and centre back seams. Although in the end this isn't so far from my usual adjustments, the journey there was tortuous, and a belated pattern review search revealed that I am not alone in experiencing nightmarish fit issues with this top.
  • Other changes: three-quarter length sleeves, finished with an elastic casing instead of a cuff. I wanted to do a cuff but by that point I was so fed up with sewing it, I just took the short cut, and I don't really care anyway. I also lengthened the tie by about 30cm.
  • Make again? : yes definitely! BUT only now I've got the fit sorted. If I'd known in advance how difficult that would be, I probably wouldn't have bothered.


  1. It looks perfect!!! From here, it looks well worth the effort. Your lengthening of the tie was a great idea and why cuff when you can elastic :)

    1. Indeed, I realised I have nothing whatsoever against shortcuts! I've been meaning to say - and must head to your blog to add :-) - your Briar is lovely! Simple is best - shows off all the great lines/shape of the pattern. Well done!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Despite my fit troubles, it's a great pattern and feels great too!

  3. And it is very beautiful in real life!,,

    1. Ahaaa Heather! Hello and welcome to my comments! And thank you...

      So when are you starting your knitting blog? ... hehe

  4. OOOh, Jo I love it too - the fact that it's a solid colour works, doesn't it!! I'm not surprised you are also enamoured with it.


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