Thursday 6 June 2013

Birthday crowns for birthday boys

Almost three years ago, I made my first ever birthday crown. It was for L's third birthday. Crowns were not a birthday tradition in my family, but I had seen this tutorial and spotted them on Soulemama's children too, and then it turned out that G had had birthday crowns when he was little as well. No further excuses needed! I set to and enthusiastically sewed up my own version.

This month, I realised just how quickly these traditions become binding. There was pre-birthday crown excitement. I am now obliged :-)

Luckily, I am also happily obliging.

I can't believe he's four already - and such a MAN about it!

He wore his crown on a birthday trip to the playground, where we saw our little friend JJ and his mummy. JJ's birthday is five day's after T's.

Inevitably - of course - this happened:

Because you can't not share the love, can you?

Updated to add: I made previous versions in felt, as seen on L modelling her ice cream dress.

Should you wish to make your own, the tutorial I linked above is in Dutch but the pictures are clear and these are pretty straightforward anyway. I don't bother making a casing for the elastic and can knock one out in about half an hour. They make an excellent, last minute, scrap-busting gift!

P.S. Spot the sneak peek of another recently-finished make... can you guess what it is?

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