Wednesday, 19 June 2013

This Month's Ideas

Bear with me while I indulge in some old-fashioned husband-misleading, would you? Here goes.

G, if you're reading, I absolutely only have one idea this month. I can't wait to get stuck into it!!! Here it is: 

Isn't that great?! Those five-year-old temporary curtains can finally go!! Just like you have been asking me weekly for about the last four years and ten months*!

* that's an exaggeration. I only started sewing again 3 years ago.

:: :: ::

Hahahaha no! He's totally not reading. Let's dish the REAL dirt. Dirt like, it was my birthday. And I discovered that I share it with Jen! (She is a bit younger and a lot cooler than me, but this coincidence compels me to forgive her). I have at least six "birthday twins" that I know of, and I'll just hijack this post again to give a very special mention to one of them: my youngest brother (yes, yes, we'll get to the ideas in a minute. It's my birthday and I'll witter on endlessly if I want to). Belated happy birthday R! And thank you for being the sibling who doesn't care whether we remember to send cards. (We haven't even texted each other yet - I'm waiting for him to go first).

Anyway. This is what greeted me when I opened my presents (after a six bloody a.m. wake up call. Thanks kids!)

Oooh little dance of glee!

The jeans are going on hold until later in the summer, because sarcasm alert it would be totally ridiculous to plan on wearing long trousers with all this hot weather we've been having.

But the others...

I mean seriously, Megan has been practically begging people to make midi-length lined, sheer culottes. It would be cruel not to.

And Nicola, Nicola... I was assuming I'd make this dress in the flowy polyester pictured. But having draped myself in it to colour test against my face (we all do that, right? Several times, both before and after purchase?) it suddenly feels far to warm. So we'll see. Some nice lightweight cotton maybe?

Those with long and meticulous memories might remember that both these fabrics featured in previous ideas as potential Darling Ranges dresses. However I am still scared of the numerous buttonholes so will be steering clear of slinkiness. Plus, ever since that last post I have been thinking just to save Darling Ranges for autumn and do it with sleeves. By which time I will have been sitting on the pattern for over a year [sigh].

(Another detour: I'm thinking of adding a page documenting the fates of my featured Ideas. Kind of: Where Good Ideas Go to Die, or My Project Purgatory. Or, The Ideas Graveyard. What do you think?)

This is some lovely cool cotton lawn I excitedly got out of my stash and pre-washed for some Tofino PJs, thinking I would join in Karen's pyjama party. But, I am way too busy this week to be done by the time it ends, and I just realised there's not enough of this fabric anyway. I'm not a fan of PJ shorts, so I have to do some head-scratching now.

Yet more - I want to refashion these. Shorts: shorter (the length is all wrong but the waist is fab). Sweater: will be, um, something else. A cardigan?

That's if I don't get distracted into making a red knit Scout tee, or a bag with a neon zip, or a sleeveless Darling Ranges out of an old sheet, or, or, or... OK I'M ACTUALLY HYPERVENTILATING NOW. Perhaps I should just relax and knock up a quick little dress for L to take my mind off things.

But in any case I suspect the curtains aren't getting done anytime soon.

Sorry G.



  1. Happy belated birthday! I'm a June birthday too, but towards the beginning of the month. This really had me laughing! I love the pattern on your 'someday' curtains. We still have paper(!) blinds up in some rooms and I have a roman shade pattern that's never been opened. Sewing clothes is much more fun and the distractions are endless. I did finish two Tofinos and I'm supposed to be following the Cake Patterns Hummingbird sewalong, but I'm procrastinating with a Briar to go along with my new PJs. Lucky you - those patterns (and your fabric) are great! I would love to see a midi version of the Tania Culottes. I've almost finished a knee length version (finishing the waistband got behind the Tofinos, Briar, and Hummingbird). I like 'My Project Purgatory' for the new page, it sounds less final than the other two!

  2. yeah, I think the purgatory idea is my favourite too. They could go any way from there! Briar is a great idea for pyjamas (in winter that's how I wore my failed muslim). And curtains, well, I bet every home sewer of clothes has got a set of curtains they're just not making! But now we have the fabric, I have to do it... it's from Ikea and wasn't expensive, but that much of it adds up. He'll never forgive me if it just sits in the corner forever!


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