Saturday, 23 February 2013

My first knit

Since the pointless yards of french knitting I did aged 10, that is.

Question: how hard is it to photograph yourself wearing a cowl without a) chopping your head out of the picture, b) chopping the cowl out of the picture, c) being distracted by your kids and blurring the whole thing, or d) looking like a bit of an idiot in all the above scenarios?

Answer: very.

Now I know why all the pattern pictures on Ravelry look like this:

Yes, I'm over there too now. Grand total of one project uploaded so far: this one, and mainly just so I can get to be all knitter-ish and say: my ravelry notes here. The excitement! I have no future projects queued yet, due to total indecision: I want to do them all (except the frumpy stuff, haha!)

OK here it is on my neck, with my face, doing a reasonable approximation of how I like to think I look when I think I'm looking ok. That's what blog self-portraits are all about, isn't it?

Is that enough pictures of it yet? There's not a great deal of exciting styling to be done with this really, is there.

Anyway, what would a new hobby be without its own handmade bag?

It's an open wide pouch, of course. Quick, easy, stylish, functional: Noodlehead Anna is a genius.

:: :: ::

Do you knit? If so what's your best/favourite knitted thing so far? Do you feel like suddenly everyone with a sewing blog is trying knitting too and raving about how cool it is? Is that a bit irritating or are you a generous share-the-love kind of person? And, the inevitable: what should I knit next?


  1. I love the whole 'everyone is trying it and isn't it cool'!! So funny. Did you use circular needles for this? Was it hard?

    1. Yes, circular needles, and no not hard! Are they reputed to be more difficult?? I found them really easy, it kind of keeps the knitting together and I found it less stressful than having it spread over two long sticks :-) I've just started a hat on circular needles too, and that may well get trickier when it comes to decreasing stitches at the end - I'll report back! But for a 'plain' cowl they were fine.


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