Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Cherche couturière

Spotted this afternoon:

Wanted: seamstress with experience in making ready-to-wear, full time.  Alicia.


Five minutes from my house in one direction, 30 seconds from our local playground in the other. I'd apply myself, were it not for liking my current job which also happens to come with good fringe benefits. (My inner teenage self is cringing that I even thought that, let alone wrote it out loud. So unacceptably bourgeois have I become, and I don't even care).

Would you do it?


  1. I don't have enough experience, but wish I did!!

  2. well yeah, that's the other main reason I'd never go for it! Making things that are ready to wear BY ME is probably not quite what she's looking for :-)

  3. Ha I would have the same problem. I cringe when someone actually wants to inspect the insides of my garments!! It would be great to try for a week to see how I'd go - but then I'd have to go back to my day job I think :)

  4. Silvia - Sewing PrincessOctober 03, 2013 11:35 am

    Considering a complete career change is not a bad thing, I would say ;o)
    However I would not apply because I heard so many horror stories from my former sewing instructor that I would´t want to deal with such customers...note that I actually like dealing with people. I find it surprising that they would just advertise on paper like that and expect to find someone...there´s not even an email address to contact them. BTW thanks for a nice reminder of Brussels architecture ;)


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