Monday, 8 September 2014

Ooh, pineapple!

There are some astonishing jobs out there, aren't there? It never ceases to amaze me, the myriad things to which we variously devote our working lives - and just how many of those things are so invisible, quite probably even unimaginable, to those of us who don't do them.

Official full time Viking blacksmith, for example. Medieval village fish-gutter.

This little dress, worn to visit the above Norsemen, benefited from the personalised services of a Professional Pineapple Placement Advisor.  Otherwise known as Measure Twice, who stepped into an instagram discussion on the relative merits of Pineapple! Or no Pineapple?? with the revelation that she spends much of her time writing technical placements for garments and, I quote, "knows all the sneaky tricks for label positioning".

Indeed she does. I did what she told me, and whaddya know? It really did come out looking just like a swanky, branded shop-bought item, instead of the cheap-as-chips fabric+free pattern birthday dress it really is. The only remaining doubt was whether this was all just a little bit too silly for the "take me seriously!" seven year-old destined to receive it.

I held my breath. She opened the parcel, shook the dress out, and took it all in as quick as she could. And then, with just the briefest of pauses, she shouted - "Oooh!!" - "PINEAPPLE!!!"

It was a good call, label-placement ladies of instagram. Very good call!

She also got a big box of make-up. Can you tell?

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What about you - do you do something unusual for a living? Or one of those invisible, essential things that nobody has ever heard of? What's the strangest professional occupation you've come across so far?

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Pattern: Crafterhours Racerback sundress (it's a freebie!)
Fabric: cotton knit from Moens, a great bargain at 2 euros/metre.
Ribbing: little scraps from the stash.


  1. She looks so cute in her birthday dress, and the pineapple placement is perfect!

  2. Thanks Heather! It's funny how much it suits her character (not sure exactly why!), she looks so 'herself' in it :-) And I take no credit for the pineapple, I was just following instructions!

  3. Haha, I think I know where you bought the pineapple! Unpacked quite a few last week...

  4. It was irresistible, like most things on that table!

  5. The final dress looks fantastic and the birthday girl seems well pleased with her new dress. Am so glad you didn't mind me chiming in with pineapple placement ideas. Working as a designer certainly teaches you all about details and how much they matter.

    Strangest job I've come across would be the people who whitewash the trees in China. In certain areas all the trees are whitewashed about 4 or 5 feet up the trunk. Teams of retired aged people go out each morning to paint the trees. Still no idea as to why but still weird job?

  6. You need a matching pineapple dress now! It looks so super cute.


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