Sunday, 9 July 2017

Today we had nothing to do

Today we had nothing to do. For the first time in months, there were no looming deadlines, no Lists of Stuff To Get Done, there was nowhere at all we needed to be.  There's no school tomorrow. Work is heading into July quietly. I woke up this morning with the summer stretching out before me - blissfully filled with absolutely Nothing. At. All. (Except all the actual things it is filled with, but those are FUN and include - but are not limited to - a trip to Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and three weeks in the Highlands of Scotland with a campervan. Bring it!)

Anyway, I marked this momentously Nothing of a day by quietly realising that I have been struck with a case of startitis.  I'm waiting on an order of little tiny needles with which to knit socks, and some longer-but-still-quite-tiny needles with which to knit a cowl, and this morning I decided that I just didn't want to wait for them to arrive. I wanted to start knitting.

So I did. Throwing reason and caution to the wind, I picked some yarn that has been waiting to be a jumper, and a pattern that has been waiting for yarn, decided they'd do fine together, and started. Yes I know that doesn't sound exactly unreasonable or uncautious, but please understand: usually, I am most absolutely, strictly monogamous with my projects. Nothing starts until the previous project is done, whether knitting, sewing or anything else. But today, as I said, I woke up feeling liberated. You know what? When those needles arrive, I'm going to start knitting the other things too, BOTH OF THEM. Booyah.

Because this isn't exactly having three different juggling balls in the air at once, all ready to come crashing down at a moment's notice, is it? This is blowing bubbles and watching them float slowly up and away in their own directions. Socks, sweater or cowl? I'll just knit whichever I feel like, whenever I feel like it. There's no rush: they don't have to be done, not ever if I decide I don't want to. If I decide so, I can just burst that bubble, frog that thing - and start something else.

Oh yes, it's a small thing, but then the big things generally are. Dear lovelies out there, I wish you a most excellent start to your week!

(And I also very much hope I haven't jinxed myself in speaking of this liberated feeling out loud. If it's another several months before I post, assume today was a one off...)

Not today. The other week, snapped by the boy who SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN PLAYING WITH MY PHONE
but ok, it's a picture of me knitting, which was a nice surprise.

P.S. Yes I know, I mentioned the wedding dress and then disappeared. It happened and I promise I will tell you all about it... soon. Probably.

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