Monday, 27 August 2012

Pouches for my shades

Earlier this summer, I braved the youthfully intimidating Forever21 on Brussels' horrendous* rue Neuve. Shopping tip: if you walk straight past all those badly made clothes, it's got great accessories.

I headed to pay for my tasteful and flattering brown pair of 6 euro sunglasses. And, well, right next to the till was the same pair in HOT PINK.

I decided that 12 euros was not too much to pay for shades to coordinate with literally everything in my wardrobe.

And then I saw this and I had to copy it, from the original tutorial here. The only change I made was to understitch the seam allowance to the lining, to keep everything sitting nicely in place. So far neither pair has been lost or scratched. Result!

* I would like to clarify that I think it is horrendous because really, it is, not just because I am a snobby British expat. For all I know the shopping streets of London are just as bad, although I doubt they smell of waffles and piss in quite the same way.

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