Saturday, 1 December 2012

Give a little

The lights have gone up! The school commute was sparkly this week.

 And if your thoughts haven't turned to gift-giving yet, well... how about this?

Yes, I'm doing Giveaway Day! One of the things I like most about sewing blogland is the niceness (and I mean that in an entirely non-derogatory way) that permeates it. And of course one of the best things about Christmas is the giving and its getting flipside. These things are fun.

So, I'm counted in and will be holding TWO giveaways next week! I had high hopes to include something handmade because, you know, it's nice to give handmade stuff. But in the end it's... not! More news on my epic fail there later. In the meantime, check back from Monday to see whether you fancy winning!

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