Thursday, 20 December 2012

Tiny vanilla buttons


Soft focus cookie, anyone? They really are delicious. And virtuously small. 


I actually made these a few weeks ago and then forgot all about the photos. In real time I am baking a lot of mince pies and having a go at peppermint bark (just because Soulemama makes it look so Christmassy). Some present making and sewing is going on too. School finishes tomorrow and, while I don't usually get all reflective and such, I'll admit that I'm ready for a change of pace. It won't be less busy for a few days (there's  last minute shopping, wrapping, cooking and, of course, sewing to do) but I will be deliberately enjoying it instead of rushing through the checklist. (Well I'll be trying, at least. Remind me of this when I'm trying to handknit a turkey at 5 am on Christmas Day).

Anyway, sometime soon I hope to show you some of those home-sewn gifts, take the time to read through those many, lovely blog-posts about other people's handmades, and get in gear for the new year. Because of course, plans are brewing...

Till soon, friends, and in the meantime: merry Christmas! Or happy holidays or however you like to put it - I'm not fussed :-)

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  1. Hi Jo, I wanted to let you know that I passed on to you the One Lovely Blog Award!


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