Monday, 22 April 2013

I am a soft-spined weakling

Who is utterly unable to resist the lure of Kids Clothes Week. I have a horrible horrible cold, I'm busy, there's plenty of other stuff I could be getting on with. 
But, you know, it's fun. It's a bit of a challenge and a lot of community, and I'm kind of a sucker for both of those things, especially if there's sewing involved.
Thus, we have here an explosion of activity and brightly printed fabric.

Because also, L needs dresses. Lots of dresses. She'd rather wear dresses than anything else, and as she's grown out of everything again, it seemed futile to fight it. Under these circumstances I think you'll agree that I was practically obliged to buy the patterns - the fact that I'd been eyeing them both anyway has nothing to do with it.

The roller skate dress I've mentioned already. There will be another. There will also be skater dresses. Oh yes, there will be many. I've already made up this pattern once (but failed to photograph the results) and it's another total corker. I'll write more about it when I've got a finished one to show you; for now I'll just say: thank you Amanda! You evil genius with your fabulous patterns and shop full of wondrous knits.
For girl-boy balance I'll be upcycling a top for T from this XL men's t-shirt, generously given to me by my father-in-law who won it on a tombola.

I doesn't look like much, but I have a Secret Plan that hopefully will turn out well (or I'll just totally regret ever having mentioned it and we'll never speak of it again, ok?) He also wants a Red Indians t-shirt from the fabric below, so I've been cutting a skater dress very carefully out of my precious metre of it and should be able to oblige.

And that's the sum total of my ambitions. It think it'll be plenty, given I can only breathe through my mouth right now (where am I going to put my pins??)

I hope to be back soon with some actual makes!

Who all else is sewing along with KCW? What're you planning, and how's progress? I'd love to see!


  1. My older daughter only wants to wear dresses too. :) Of course, her younger sister has now decided she only likes pants/shorts so there goes hand me downs :)

  2. I can't resist either! I'm 35 weeks pregnant with #2 and we're in the middle of renovations, so sewing is the last thing I should be doing, but I can't help myself! Can't wait to see the Red Indians top!


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