Monday, 29 April 2013

Roots, beer, clothes for the boy

On the road into G's hometown is this. This is the Primus brewery.

Where they make, among other things, Primus beer: 
Among the other things they make is apparently promotional t-shirts. Remember this? :

G's dad still lives in G's hometown, and every now and again he'll go to some sort of social event / fundraiser and buy a tombola ticket. If he wins, which he seems to do with great frequency, he may well donate his prize to us. I must say here that the prizes are often less good than this one. But this XXL men's t-shirt - well I saw G about to politely refuse it, and had to intervene.

I mean, couldn't he see the potential?

It had toddler rock star potential!



Is he not adorably, absolutely, mini Jon Bon Jovi? I'm probably biased or something, but seriously - I could actually EAT him.
(Pattern is the sleeveless skater dress bodice, size 3-4, lengthened).


  1. Rock on Theo! You are livin' on a prayer! (and mama's cool clothes ideas!)

  2. Yay! I use the bodice for my sleeveless tanks too :)

  3. Super! When's his first concert? I am sure you have the perfect outfit in mind for backing vocals Loïs.. - Sofie


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