Thursday, 1 August 2013

Boneyard shawl

This face here says how much I trust my husband to take a decent picture of me. For the record, this is the best one.

Unless you're also counting the ones of the back of my head. Those turned out ok too.

But alas, the real photographic star of this post is not me. Nor my painstakingly handcrafted, deeply unseasonal neck accessory.

I'm just going to have to give her the shawl, aren't I? And hope she'll relinquish her interest in it before winter.

:: :: ::
  • Pattern: Boneyard shawl, a free ravelry download.
  • Yarn: Katia Irish tweed
  • Needles: 8mm circulars. I ordered these from the Village Haberdashery and they were so lovely to knit with, I requested and got an entire set of interchangeable brass needles for my birthday (though I'm pretty sure the ones I found and pointed out to G were less expensive than that). I have knitting ambitions!
  • My (rather insubstantial) ravelry notes are here - just linking in case any interested ravelers happen to be reading :-)
:: :: ::

I intend to be back very soon to show you my two (yes!) pairs of Tania culottes, which I LOVE. I'm having lots of summer sewing fun but I just can't make myself do the photos/writing/blogging thing. Totally normal, right? The sun is actually shining and I don't have to sit in front of a computer if I don't want to. Do you lose your blogging mojo in summer too?


  1. I laughed about the husband photo bit. Yikes, it is impossible for me to get a good photo out of mine. Anyway, your shawl looks so lovely..I'm sure it almost makes you wish for winter :) Can't wait to see you culottes. The only thing they miss is pockets.

  2. Yes, I so want them to have pockets too! And in the current heat I am actually quite keen for it to cool down - the sewing room is like an oven, I can hardly make myself get in there. Have you been wearing your corduroy culottes a lot for winter? They're so good for wearing to the office, I'm pretty keen to try them in all sorts of different weights!

  3. Sadly, I haven't worn mine much. I wish mine were a bit longer.. the proportion is just a bit wrong - a bit short for me I think. But having said that I might bring them out tomorrow and wear them :) They are great in cord!


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