Thursday, 13 February 2014

Call a doctor - it's raglan fever!

You guys, I have TWO skater dresses to show you but ZERO photo time! It was sleeve cuff sewing galore last week, and sleeve cuff happy wearing joy this week :-)

But, for now let's talk about RAGLAN SLEEVES! Yep, I'm super excited to get going on my next projects, almost entirely because of the sleeve shape - I don't care how much of a sleeve geek that makes me!


Is it just me, or are raglan patterns having a MASSIVE moment right now?  The above three patterns  are displayed randomly because they happen to be the ones I own (so far...) From left to right:

This month there seem to have been epidemic proportions of Lola dresses cropping up, in addition to the many beautiful versions that were already out there. I couldn't pick favourites, but these are some inspiring me most for my own attempt:

Clockwise from top left: Fancy Tiger Crafts, Ginger Makes, Kathy Sews, The Perfect Nose, What Katie Sews, Lladybird.

What's really great about the Lola pattern is the interesting seam lines, which is probably why most of my favourite versions are in solid colours, despite the fabulous potential this dress has for colour blocking. Though I really like how Katie used a print for the middle sections so I'm very tempted to copycat that.

The Lane Raglan is a newly-released pattern by Adrianna of Crafterhours, and there aren't (m)any versions of it made up in the wild yet. I snapped it up because I've been looking out for a basic but versatile women's raglan tee for a long time, and it just didn't exist. Now though, it seems we might be spoilt for choice - Kitschycoo's Amanda has also been tantalising instagram fans with these pictures, and dropping future-pattern hints along with them:

If/when that does come out, I'm pretty sure I will last about 4 seconds before buying it. Kitschycoo + raglan + slouch = about the best laid back sweater I can imagine. 

Amanda is definitely releasing it! Woohoo!  And how could I have forgotten to mention here Dixie DIY's Hot Cocoa sweater??! Than you Louize for reminding me :-) Slightly slouchy with a hi-lo hem, it's single-sized but that's because it's FREE! Plenty of stylish versions of this are out there in blogland too.
OK, as you were...

Speaking of slouch - first up in my to-make plans is the Papercut Undercover Hoodie. This has been on my wish list for so long, I finally caved when it was on sale in January. In my real life I more or less live in hoodies, and it's time to remedy the fact that I've never sewn myself one! I haven't seen that many versions of this blogged yet, so I'll be interested to see how it turns out. I've got some medium-weight blue jersey which I hope will make a comfy, light-ish top that'll layer well and have me covered for summer evenings. If I like it (surely I will??), I expect there will be about a gazillion of these to follow and I'll single-handedly fill the internet's Papercut hoodie gap.

Seeing as I had raglan patterns on the brain, I also did a little searching to see what else is out there. There wasn't much from the Big Four that caught my eye (surprise, surprise) but Style Arc also have a couple of interesting tops (the pictures link to the patterns):

This line drawing doesn't do much for me, but I like the sloppy tee styling on the left, and the back yoke is interesting.  Then this pattern looks like another good basic, much like the Lane Raglan, but with what looks like a more vertically-angled shoulder seam maybe? :

Also, Style Arc's pattern doesn't have cuffs.  We know how I feel about cuffs, although you may feel differently :-)

Finally, any defences I may have been tempted to put up against all this raglanspiration has been shot down recently by an H&M jumper (or sweater, as you like).  It was red and easy and exactly my kind of thing, so I squished my home-sewist's guilt and bought it (we are still allowed to buy clothes every now and again, aren't we?) In style it's overwhelmingly similar to, but underwhelmingly LESS GOOD than, the Lola pattern. And every single time I wear it, someone asks me if I made it myself. It kills me. Yes, universe, I'm listening, and I shall get on it forthwith! All the raglan things are coming to a blog near you, soon!

Are you a fan of raglan sleeves? With their easy-to-sew, flattering shape, I can hardly imagine you wouldn't be - but what do YOU think? Any other, alternatively-shaped sleeve geeks out there??


  1. your post has just got me all excited about raglan sleeves! I haven't sewn any yet, still early days on the sleeve insertion front. I will be sure to pick a project with raglan sleeves next though. Most of my rtw jumpers and ts have these so a little strange I haven't thought of doing so before! Thanx and happy sewing

  2. Raglans are great if you're new to sleeves, much easier to do than set in sleeves. Good luck!

  3. I love them. Especially on cardigans. Set-in sleeves on cardies tend to slide off my shoulders all the time. These patterns look great!

  4. The Dixie DIY hot cocoa is a fabulous (free) pattern I have used at least three times : once as an as is out the packet jumper, once for the baby blanket tee and once for my wax dress I wore to a friend's wedding! I have more planned!

  5. I've never sewn a raglan sleeve but I love them too! I hadn't seen the Lane raglan before so thanks for that link. Looking forward to seeing what you make!

  6. yes, I find they fit better too, or at least they sit better. I'm definitely thinking of making some of these patterns in cardigan version!

  7. Thanks - I can't wait to get on with sewing them! My parents are visiting this week, which is lovely of course, but it means I have no sewing time or access to the machine (it's in the spare room). Lane raglan does look good doesn't it, I'm thinking plenty of t-shirts once the weather warms up a bit

  8. How could I have forgotten that!!! What an oversight!

  9. Hi Lucy! I think it just depends on the pattern drafting in each case - if the sleeve is the same shape front and back, then it can be cut on the fold. But often the front armhole is curved differently from the back so then your sleeve will have to cut in one piece. I don't think I've seen one with a seam all the way down before! I know sometimes raglans have darts at the shoulder/neckline for shaping but I haven't seen it as a whole seam. Good luck with NL 6147!

  10. I love raglan sleeves! I love my Lola sweater and my hot cocoa sweaters (as Louize already said). Can't wait to see which one you'll make!

  11. I like raglan sleeves myself, thanks for all the links to the great patterns!


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