Friday, 28 February 2014

Outfit of my (day)dreams

Hello lovelies!  Well it's all rather quiet where I am today, and much as one might welcome some work downtime every now and again, I actually hate it. I could be at home sewing, darn it! But, instead I'm in the office, and just made the foolish mistake of distracting myself for 10 minutes on the internet.

Now I really really REALLY want to make these:

Source/available here

Like, I want to make them SO MUCH I am having a very hard time restraining my Paypal finger. My only line of defence is the idea that I should go and try on some RTW boyfriend jeans first to see if I like them as much as I know think I will.  But, there's a further complication: my browsing of the Fabric Godmother's website did not stop there.

I also found these:

Those are a) striped Prada and b) designer bird print viscose jersey.  Can you hear my brain going into overdrive? Stripes! Birds! VISCOSE!! I love viscose knits, they're so soft and gorgeous to both sew and wear. So it took about 0.0003 seconds to mash the jeans pattern with the jersey and think - HEY! Boyfriend jeans, slouchy tees - I could just buy all this stuff and sew it and be wearing the coolest of cool handmade outfits all summer!!!

A bit like this, thank you Pinterest:

Pinned here and here.

Sadly, I think we all know what happens to projects planned like this. Or at least, I know what happens in my case. They go on the end of a long list of projects conceived in a very similar manner that have yet to be executed but, crucially, ARE ALREADY IN MY STASH. Plaid flannel Archer? Up next, I promise! Zinnia skirt in oversized gingham? Yes yes - and another in mustard-coloured linen! Leggings, batwings, Renfrews - I'll have them all done before summer hits (somewhere in late May, no?), just in time for the sloppy jeans and tees!


So yeah, I'm holding back for the moment. I just had to tell someone who would understand :-)

Now, back to work...

here's a tumbleweed, enjoy


  1. Oh no, Jo, not the bird prints! Don't show me the bird print!! Hide them , quickly … ooops … too late. *sigh* Unfortunately, my self regulation on fabric purchases has yet to kick in. I bow to your powers of reason and your incredible self fabric policing and am happy to become a fully paid up member of the "the laws of time have no meaning here" sewing club. I have a feeling we could be very popular!

  2. Argh I clicked on the Prada fabric and now I'm in love!

  3. I just found your blog via Sewcialist and THIS. IS. ME! The wardrobe in my closet is nothing compared to the "wardrobe" in my fabric stash. But anyway, enough from me, I have to get myself some of that bird jersey...

  4. We need Tardis - like sewing rooms! So we could spend all those (wo)man hoirs sewing and it'd only be 2 hours later in real life. That'd work, wouldn't it?

  5. YES exactly! It's not a stash it's a wardrobe in progress!

  6. My thinking and planning sewing projects when it's quiet at work reads in my head exactly like this! Enjoyed your post and I do hope to see the boyfriend jeans made up one day! Fabric Godmother is also my fave fabric website-she adds such great descriptions and extra pics compared to others!

  7. Quiet moments at the office are dangerous, I am waiting for a chandelier to be delivered :)

  8. Tell me you bought that pattern because I'm already picturing you in those jeans and your hoody!

  9. yes, it's a really nice site! I try to avoid going there too often though, because I have no self control :-)

  10. ooh! Good use of time I say!

  11. I might have done ... :-) and am picturing myself in them with EVERYTHING!


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