Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pimp my neck

I'm blaming the Purl bee. This picture is what started it:

Who wouldn't want a stylish long pom pom cowl? I pinned the tutorial last year and am not exaggerating when I say it has been following me around ever since. For several months I was actually impatient for autumn to arrive so I could get pom pom shopping.

Strictly, though, it can't really be said that the outcome was anyone's fault but my own.

Alas, it didn't stop there:

Yes, with a total lack of the kind of restraint that leads to tasteful cowls as illustrated above, I purchased four whole metres of giant pink pom poms. Why four metres?? (And why giant and pink, one might well ask). I have no idea. It turned out to be precisely enough for a not-very-tasteful but happy and loud cowl, and a leopard print triangular scarf.

The leopard print is a very warm, soft, comfy knit that I found in the remnant bin at Berger for almost no euros (all my best fabric finds have come from that bin).  The striped fabric is a scarf from Forever21 that I bought ages ago because I liked the pattern (and I was supposed to stop doing that randomly. Doh!). I chopped the fringes off and used a big strip from an old orange sheet to make it into a large pom pom-ed tube.

There are instructions here on how to make a tubular cowl like this: basically, you don't want to sew it into a circle before turning it right sides out, because if you do you will just keep pulling your loop through itself forever. Ask me how I know this. (And no, it's not because I'd read that first, even though I had).

I've never really been a scarf person, but all of sudden, I am. There'll definitely be more - and I suspect this is not the last time pom poms will be involved, either.

Perfect park-with-kids wear, oh yeah


  1. Oh my word! Totally pom pom tastic! What a great idea! I can see why you've made a few ...

  2. Oh thank you ladies!

    If we can't sew these things for ourselves, then what are we doing it all for, eh?


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