Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The pretty horses circus pants

We LOVE these trousers!

My attention had already been well and truly grabbed by the first couple of posts in elsie marley’s pre-KCWC pants-hacking guest series, when spiegelstiksels came along and posted her circus pants. You know, for the circus school-attending trouser-hating little girl in your life.

So happens I have one of those too. And the KCWC inpsiration that had been waiting to strike, struck immediately. Copycat comfy trousers!

With a green go-faster stripe down the side:

They obviously have to be extremely comfortable so, just like the originals, they’re lined with knit fabric. But I also wanted them to not look too pyjama-y, so I cut them with a flat front. The elastic goes all the way around the waist but is stitched down at the side seams so that most of the stretch is at the back.

I think they came out absolutely perfect! I slashed and spread the pattern to make it bigger and am so happy with how they fit. The length with the elasticated ankles is great, and the lining makes them sit really nicely.

Ideal for practising circus moves and posing (how great to have a daughter who now likes posing instead of hiding and sulking!)

And now proudly but poutily modelling the official circus school t-shirt:

Mu-u-u-um sto-o-o-o-op!

OK, end of photo shoot.

She picked the fabric out from a pre-selected few from the stash. I was surprised she went for this one, because black is usually a total no-no. Apparently it won because of “all the pretty horses”.  And thus the entire time sewing it, I was haunted by the memory of struggling through the Border Trilogy. Anyone else tried? I did finish and was pleased I’d read it, but really, never again.


  1. Those pants are fabulous! Yes I read the border trilogy as well.. same feelings as you!

  2. They look fantastic, i love the cuffed ankles.
    I bought some fabric to make trousers for jake about 6 months ago and still haven't got round to it - i'm a bit scared of sewing clothes!

    1. we should do a challenge swap thingy - I'll embroider a beetle if you make trousers! I've only made about 3 pairs ever but they're so easy, it's just straight lines. The tutorial and (free) pattern by MADE is really great and clear, and I suppose Jake must be around the same age as Theo so the pattern may well fit him with no adjusting. It's all here: Just say the word and I'll dig out the embroidery thread!


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