Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Scout woven tee


Against all expectations, this one's been getting a lot of wear.

Not that I don't like the pattern. On the contrary, I love it. It's grainline's Scout woven tee, which I bought at the beginning of the summer with much enthusiasm for it as a warm-weather wardrobe staple. It makes a really, really good t-shirt: flattering, easy to wear and treading the line between relaxed and stylish perfectly. The shape of it is great. Unfortunately, I didn't get round to discovering this in practice until the middle of August, by when the season was already on the turn.

Unfortunately too, my attempt at a wearable muslim was unwearable (because why did I steam ahead with a narrow back adjustment when the back is supposed to hang anyway?? With the shoulder seams slightly forward, it made the whole thing sit funny, which I should have guessed) and I nearly threw in the towel at that point. But it's a quick and satisfying sew, and as I was heading back to put it in the recycling pile, my attention was grabbed unceremoniously by this African print.

Against my better judgement - because I almost never wear prints on  my top half, and my previous opinion of this fabric had been tablecloth material at best - I sewed another one immediately. A couple of times recently I've gone with a completely unexepcted hunch, and it worked, so I'm beginning to just believe in the sewing fairies and follow.  Lo and behold, I wasn't sure what I thought of my finished t-shirt to begin with but, with one wearing, realised I like it very much. It grows on me every time I put it on.

There will be more of these t-shirts to come. Next spring, when I really will be much better organised with my seasonal wardrobe sewing. Really.

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The notes:
  • Scout woven tee by grainline studio.
  • Adjustments: no-dart full bust adjustment and correction for gaping armhole.
  • Changes: I made the back about an inch longer than the front, with a small split/vent at the the bottom of the side seams.
  • Overall verdict: great pattern! Very easy to sew with lovely detailing.
  • Fabric from my late mother in law's stash, brought back from a trip to the Congo (knowing this provenance makes wearing it all the better).


  1. I've often wondered about the scout tee. You may have convinced me to get it. Love the fabric. I especially love when there is a story that goes with it.

  2. I agree, your choice of fabric & what you have paired the top with looks really great. Nice look.


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