Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Oh the glamour: pocket repair

I'm sure I'm not the only one ever to have been inspired by Scruffy Badger, but I bet she wasn't expecting it to be this post that did it. But, is mending ever fun?

Why yes!

Take one ordinary pair of trousers:

Turn them inside out:

Ooh look at those lovely new pockets!  A hidden flash of the loudest fabric you like, and no-one in the office ever need know! Plus, a perfectly good pair of trousers rescued, shooting down nicely any spousely wish to go out and spend hundreds of euros on an entire new suit (what's that dear? You were hoping I would never get round to it? Think again, I have plans for that cash).

I did it following this tutorial.  Should you or your other half's trousers ever be similarly afflicted, now you know where to look.

G has also been keeping his keys in the pockets of his suit jackets, so in time expect me to be back here with a useful link or tutorial on repairing those too.

(It's a shame there's no actual reward in real life that correlates to the wifely/housekeepery smugness this kind of thing brings on, isn't it?)

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