Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sewing tip: desktop waste bin

Little sewing tips: small things to make your sewing life just a tiny bit easier.  Time for another one!

Not reinventing any wheels here, but this idea made me very happy so I guess it's worth sharing the love. What's this? :

Yes, it's a desktop sewing waste bin! No more stopping and starting and looking up from your finished garment to find odds and ends stuck to it and strewn all over your table/clothes/floor.

Keep it within easy arm's reach of the machine for all those thread ends, trimmed stringy bits of fabric and bent pins one produces while in full sewing flow (though looking at the picture below, I wonder if I've been distractedly throwing straight pins in there instead of in the tin where they're supposed to live...).

When I used to sew on the dining table, I had a small cup or a saucer for the same purpose, and just tidied it away along with everything else. Now I have a dedicated sewing space, this old tin sits on the desk and gets emptied every once in a while.

Recycling the golden syrup can like this also totally vindicates me having pointlessly kept it for years just because it's pretty (something which greatly irritates G, of course).

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  1. So agree with having a little container for scraps! Great tip and beautiful tin. Well worth keeping.


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