Thursday, 22 November 2012

The skinny jeans skirt

Oh, denim pencil skirt, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Yes yes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt, and for so many reasons. Let's be a little egotistical about the details first, shall we? I love the exposed zip:

I love the seam finishings:

I love the fit:

But most of all...

I absolutely adore how versatile it is:

This skirt is incredibly comfortable, looks stylish with very little effort, goes with everything and makes a lot of different looks depending on what you wear it with.

Basically, it's skinny jeans in non-trouser format.

I was, I think, inspired by 'So, Zo...' and her generally wonderful way of wearing classic shapes in a modern way.  Having recently been on a lengthy and unsuccessful search for a pair of black skinny jeans, a denim pencil skirt struck me as being a pretty good substitute. And I have to say, this is so true that I may never actually wear trousers again. I didn't get any pictures, but this skirt also goes pretty well with Converse on the weekends - super casual, but acceptable out-of-the house comfort.

My only conclusion, really, can be that everyone should make themselves one. Really. Do it! Go on, do it now!

:: :: ::

The notes

  • Pattern: pencil skirt patten by Mme Zsazsa, free with GDL magazine - except that, even better, I didn't have to buy the magazine to get it, I just filled in the form on the website and they sent it to me for nothing. Excellent way to round out your skirt pattern collection! As with her book (which I used for my previous skirt), this is a nicely drafted pattern with excellent, clear instruction.
  • Fabric: a metre of (non-stretch) black denim from the Maison Dorée.
  • Conclusion: brilliant!


  1. What a fab skirt! I love the finish on the inside, the colour and I adore your autumn leaves photo. yay!

  2. Looking good! And the inside looks impressive as well

  3. Gorgeous skirt! The inside details make me melt. And it looks awesome on you! I want to make something that cool! :)


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