Monday, 4 March 2013

A plain and cosy Briar

I tried to take a more interesting photo, but there wasn't a great deal to be done with this one: it' s a plain brown Briar!

The fabric is something synthetic; it was 5 euros a metre on sale and is incredibly drapey, toasty and warm. And WOOHOO IT FITS! I don't know why I got my knickers so much in a twist about this; perhaps I'm just very unused to the way knits behave, and how one kind of fabric will sew up and hang totally different from another. What I ended up with is a Medium with a no-dart FBA (2 cm added) and a narrow back adjustment (2 cm removed). This was in fact one of my first goes at adjusting it to fit, but in my misguided frustration I had chucked the modified pattern pieces in the bin. Two sets of changes later, I followed the instincts I should have listened to the first time, and dug them out and ironed them.

Tell me you've never done it.

I'm just glad I didn't decide I was beat by this pattern after all - because it's lovely :-)


  1. YAY! So glad you stuck with it and were able to dig out those old pattern pieces!!

  2. I like the longer version, makes me want to get sewing a cosy, warm no-fuss briar right away!

  3. How do you do a no-dart full bust adjustment? :) Kate


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