Saturday, 9 March 2013

Simple pleasures hat

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Inspired by Jen. Pattern by the Purl Bee. Knit a row or two at a time, here and there and on the go. Hastily finished at the farm and worn immediately, threads hanging loose and all.

The next day the temperature rose, and it'll inevitably get packed away soon until next winter. No complaints about the arrival of spring, though, and I'm taking great and newfound pleasure in the longevity of handmades. A small step away from consumerism, but a world of difference; no, it's not disposable, I made it myself. Slowly but surely dawning on me that this process is completely irreversible. How could I ever go back?

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  1. I love it Jo. Your hat is great and the farm you visited sounds fantastic. So pleased to hear Spring might be on its way.


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