Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Introducing... This Month's Ideas

Patterns, patterns. Both sewing and life are all about patterns, aren't they? I came to a realisation this week that there's a pattern to my sewing habits, and it goes like this:
  1. get lots of ideas
  2. sew like a maniac for a couple of weeks
  3. brood on new ideas while sewing
  4. get tired of sewing and overwhelmed by new ideas
  5. rest and plot for a bit
  6. repeat.
These ups and downs had been bothering me. During stages four and five I would wonder where my sewing mojo went, and even contemplate giving up in despair on all those works and ideas in progress. But I've seen the light! And the light is: if I'm not going to get any sewing done, I can at least get a regular blog post out of the whole thing :-)
Yes, I'm introducing... the This Month's Ideas Series!
It's like the hormones, right ladies? (Sorry, blokes). You just gotta roll with it, because it's a fight you ain't gonna win. I'll be sparing you lovely readers my 3-weekly gripes about not wanting to sew, and sharing the ideas that are currently exciting me instead. I'm kind of intrigued to see how it turns out; it'll be interesting to look back at what actually gets made. Is it what I'd predict? Are there some ideas that deep down I know are never going to get acted on? Am I crazy enough to pick up an off-plan project every now and again? That kind of thing.
I hope this sounds more or less interesting to you guys too. I'm never 100% sure what I think about inspiration posts, but I love a good nosy at other people's plans. If you're interactively-inclined, I'm open to crowd-sourced decisions on what to sew next - so shout if you see an idea that grabs you :-)  And if this really isn't your kind of thing, I've got a few more ideas brewing too...
So, with no further ado, here are This Month's Ideas for March 2013!
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Another-but-different New Look 6000
A 'So, Zo...'-inspired skirt
A Darling Ranges dress - but which fabric first??
Some stretch things - but my stash may well only have inappropriate fabrics. Boo!

Bias for baby bibs - Burda pants with a 70% off sticker! -
and what the hell shall I make with this 1.5m insanely cheap remnant
with a slightly insane glitzy floral print??

Ordered from most to least likely to happen. Though those last sneaky randoms could attack at any time!

Your thoughts?? And what's in your head for the coming month of crafting?

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I'll be back soon with a couple of finished projects, and hopefully some DIYs at some point too. I hope you're having a good week: half way to the weekend now! In my time zone, anyway :-)


  1. I think your 'pattern' is similar to mine. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a rollar coaster with my sewing! I like your second new look and skirt ideas. But your show is stolen by that glitzy floral print! For the meterage I think it will have to be a top.... a Mathilde or at least something with a pussy bow.

    1. I should have said - it has no drape whatsoever! A sorbetto might work - I hadn't thought of that. Actually I can see you wearing it, prints on my top half aren't something I usually do but you carry that off so well!


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