Thursday, 20 September 2012

And now for some man sewing: Negroni shirt

To look at it, you'd never guess how many times I unpicked the entire yoke and collar.

Thank the Lord that all the seams are cleverly hidden.

Maybe making my first shirt ever in a lightweight, translucent, asymmetrical check to deadline for G's birthday was not a good idea.

Whatever, he wears it and it looks good.

He'll kill me if he ever sees I put this here.

Geek notes:
  • The pattern the Colette Negroni. My first experience with a Colette pattern, and it was as pleasant and straightforward as I'd been led to believe, i.e., very.
  • It comes with an instruction booklet that has space for notes and a pocket for the pattern pieces. MUCH better than those huge fold-out pages from the big pattern houses.
  • Very clear instructions - despite the serial seam ripping, this pattern basically taught me how to make a shirt with no prior experience (I learn by doing, I just couldn't visualise the sodding thing until it was f***ed up done).
  • The sizing came up a bit large I think - this size M leaves G plenty of room for manoeuvre. He's lost some weight in the meantime so the next (if there is one...) will be a small.

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  1. Great shirt- looks better then the one I made and I have made a few shirts in my time. I didn't like the facing on this one so I am going back to my nice shirt patterns with a front band instead. My husband is swamped in the medium too, but then he is short!!
    Great job!


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