Monday, 10 September 2012

My sewing space

Thank you for the lovely comments on my tova dress! It's so very encouraging to 'meet' people and have some followers already!

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Nosy sewing room blog posts are one of my favourites. Part pure jealousy, part inspiration and aspiration. Would you like to see mine? Come on in - welcome to my sewing space!

Or, as G would call it, the guest bedroom/office. Technically, only the left hand side is mine, the rest will get a computer if we ever have money again after renovating all this.

That's a sofa bed. And a massive plank of a desk - a custom kitchen work surface in fact, from Ikea, that almost didn't make it into its designated space. G had allowed a scant 1.5 cm breathing space (ease??) on each side, but we got it in there with only two scrapes on the walls, and it's the best solid surface I could ever wish to sew on.

The coffee table is the first piece of furniture I ever bought for myself, on the flea market at Place Jeu de Balle, back when I was cool and lived in a flat in the Marolles with an outdoor toilet. The eagle-eyed will have identified the book (more on what I was doing with it, soon).

Masses of light, so I can finally take blog-worthy photos.

And there in the corner below is a tabletop ironing board. It's genius. (Ikea again, of course).

My machine is a Brother Innovis 150 Special Edition. I can't find a link to the product details any more - I bought it in Espace Machines √† Coudre in Ixelles, who I would highly recommend and from whom I am destined to buy an overlocker at some point too. I would recommend the machine, as well: lots of space, great functions, strong and steady (the clincher for me between this and another, cheaper machine was that the motor will basically cope with whatever you throw at it). I've had it two years and I love it.

And then I have postcards. I have an unintentional tendency to collect them anyway, and had been saving the sewing related ones for this space, since well before it was clear there would be a space at all.

Modes - Dentelles - Tailleur
ta toyota est fantastique - L'orcheste fil-harmonique

So, this is where I sew. Now, it's beautiful. Before, I was failing to maintain the delusion that the dining room table was for dining, and the attic room looked like this:

So, where do you sew? Are you one of the lucky few with a room of your own, or does your family have to scramble to the TV over mountains of fabric and sewing machine cables?


  1. What a gorgeous sewing spot you have. I adore those attic windows. My little sewing corner is right in the thick of family life, which is fun for now, but would love to have my very own space one day!

    1. I hardly dare say it out loud, because the attic space is so beautiful, but sometimes I do miss sewing in the middle of the family action! It's messier but it's great fun. I've had to reorganise my sewing habits since moving upstairs so that I'm not sneaking off to be antisocial at all times of day!

  2. Wow! That's a beautiful sewing space, what a transformation!!! xx


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