Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tova dress

First ever single-handed photo shoot - mid-conversation with the toddler

I think I must have been the only person on the Wiksten bandwagon this spring who didn't get the cheap(er) download. After mulling it over for ages, I bit the bullet and ordered the expensive paper pattern, about two weeks before the pdf version was launched. How was I to know?? I don't really mind though, because I f*ing hate taping together all that bloody A4 there's something very beautiful about the paper and packaging of it.

Obligatory headless shot

I had been finally lured into getting it by a throwaway comment on a blog somewhere about the "universally flattering Tova". It didn't disappoint - the dress looks great and is incredibly easy to wear. It was easy to sew too, while just stretching my skills slightly with the yoke/placket/collar and sleeves.

The design is lovely, in the way that this dress has something sort of superior and not-homemade about it - immediate compliments were received the first time I wore it to the office, followed by astonished "you made it??" *.  It has been worn a lot since it was finished in April, and there will be an autumn version when I find time to go a fabric shop and actually manage choose something.

And finally of course they muscled in on the action

Geek notes:
  • I made the M, without any of my usual FBA-gaping armhole-small back adjustments, and was relieved to find there's ease enough on the bust (I was worried it would come up small).
  • As can be seen in the above pictures, I've got some armhole gape, but I can live with it - I'm not going to start fiddling around with the yoke too much (a self-imposed sewing rule: know your limits).
  • The fabric is a linen-like natural fibre, which is all the detail I could get from the surly but helpful assistant at the wonderful Berger.

* this is not usually the reaction when I wear homemade clothes to work.


  1. Love this and it looks fab on you. I'm a real novice when it comes to sewing but I'm very tempted to give it a go having seen yours - I'm not surprised that you've had lots of admiring comments!

    1. Why thank you, for your kind words and the first ever comment on my new little blog! The thing with sewing is that there will be lots of trial and error, but when it works it's really fantastic. Just jump in and do it! Don't hesitate to look for advice (if you don't have a real life person around, the Wiksten flickr pool is a good place to ask. Or me, I like to help too :-) Good luck!

  2. Looks great! I bought the paper copy a couple of weeks before the PDF, too. But I don't regret it -- I've made 5 versions so far and love them all. Haven't tried the dress, though so maybe that should be next.

  3. It looks lovely. I've often thought of buying the tova - but agree re taping all the A4 together!!
    (PS Love the little dress you made for your daughter too - great colours!!!)

  4. Its lovely! Where can i find the pattern??

    1. Hi! It's by Wiksten, you can buy it here (paper or downloadable pdf version): I'll email the link to you as well :-)

  5. The denim looks awesome! I made the shirt, now wishing I'd gone for the dress. Guess I'll have to make one more...

  6. Just made my first Tova shirt today, love the denim dress look. Such great instructions and like you I purchased hard copy before PDF available. No regrets as am sure I will make again.


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