Friday, 14 September 2012

Maxi Zsazsa skirt

Just look at that print!

This marvellous fabric was hanging in the window of an innocuous little shop on the bus route to creche. Each day when T and I passed, I would plead telepathically for someone to take it down before those gorgeous colours faded into mediocrity.

Eventually I cracked, and rescued it myself.


The decision to go maxi instead of knee-length was spur of the moment and so unexpectedly inspired, I hardly feel I can take credit for it. I therefore don't feel like I'm bragging too much when I say it was a stroke of genius. It's the skirt that does everything - shady and cool under 38° of French sun, but with just the right level of comforting cover-up back home in milder climes.

I have actually been stopped on the street four times since July by people I don't know, just to talk about how great it is (really! and only one of them was a dodgy bloke trying to chat me up, at 8.15am for goodness' sake).

The notes:
  • A line skirt with yoga-style jersey knit waistband.
  • Pattern: from Mme Zsazsa's Allemaal Rokjes.
  • Fit: perfect. I measured a 40 and it is true to size.
  • Adjustments: extended from knee-length to the floor, with double 3 cm hem for weight.
  • Changes next time? I would make it a few cms shorter, to skim my feet rather than the actual floor.
  • Fabric: African wax print from a chaotic little shop on rue Willems in St Josse.

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