Thursday, 31 January 2013

After this I shall only be sewing for myself

Corduroy dress for L - McCalls M6154

With a ladybird label and wonky topstitching.

Then, a blanket for a baby boy
Made with fleece, flannel, piping and a retro old sheet

Because cowboys and indians are always cool, aren't they?

:: :: ::

I have something flu-like this week. Just about not bad enough to stay home from work, but plenty bad enough to feel awful while I'm there and totally kill all crafting plans afterwards.

But tomorrow is February, and February promises sewing fun. A briar sewalong, which I had been hoping would happen and am planning to enthusiastically jump into, and a Polka Dot Frock Fest which unfathomably grabbed me when I saw Scruffy Badger tweeting about it. I have polkadots just sitting in my stash after reconsidering the dress I bought them for, and New Look 6000 had been tempting me for a while, so altogether I couldn't resist. I also have a lovely red Jasmine blouse cut out and ready to go, and a whole host of lovely ideas to sew for my own wardrobe as spring approaches.

No, I shall not think about sewing things for anyone else again for quite a long time.


  1. I love that pinafore. It is gorgeous and yes cowboys and indians are always in style. I'd love to know how you put the piping around. Was it hard?
    I'm going to do the Briar sewalong as well as I figure I need a sweatshirt.

    1. Piping is really easy! BUT only with an invisible zipper foot - you just put the piping in one of the grooves. I sew it first to the top fabric and then sandwich it with the bottom one before turning right sides out - you could probably do it all in one go but I don't dare. But the invisible zipper foot is far and away the best sewing machine I've bought, both for piping and invisible zips. Makes them both a breeze!

    2. oops - sewing machine ACCESSORY, of course


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