Thursday, 17 January 2013

Dreamer, planner or do-er?

Well over the last couple of weeks I've been enjoying reading people's sewing plans, ambitions and resolutions for 2013. Loads of great, inspiring ideas out there, as always!

But I've read them all with a weird sense of disquiet. And the growing realisation that that's absolutely not how my process works - indeed, it's the very thought of it that makes me uneasy (and I wonder why that is? Each to his or her own, after all). So instead of my plans and resolutions for this year - because I have none - you're getting a once-in-a-lifetime tour around my sewing thought process. Hold on to your seats!

Here we start, in my sewing space with a lot of Works in Progress:

Yes, I have charged into the new year rather manically with a lot of sewing! Some of the things you see have been in or on my mind for a long time, and I've just grabbed the moment to start them. Some were ideas that came from nowhere, or came from other ideas that changed many times until suddenly permutating into whatever it was that got spewed out of my sewing machine one evening (it's almost always in the evening). Still others are on a mental list that I would like to complete before spring/summer is upon us - but I've learned from experience how likely that is to happen, so it stays filed under 'dream sewing' until there comes a moment when chance and inclination collide to make them reality. And that, friends, is the entirety of my process.

This photo might lead you to think otherwise, but I generally like to finish one thing before moving on to the next. For once I recently got hit with an urge to cut several things at once so I could sew them all in a row afterwards. No more new things, though, till these are done! Here's the lowdown:

  • 2 patterns: one is for me - Colette's Jasmine. Confession: I have never made a blouse before. Hence thinking this would be a good start - no closures and not too difficult. The other one is a dress for L, because she insists on growing ALL THE TIME and I literally cannot keep her in clothes from one week to the next. Soon she will be too big for the sizes of this pattern so this is its last hurrah.
  • 1 pile of notions - is that little lot of bias and ribbon in the top right, and maybe some buttons from my boxes on the left, for L's dress. Because she's still small enough to do cute.
  • 3 toiles: yes, three! Because the Jasmine might be easy but the reason I don't make or wear blouses is because I have never found one that fit well. And this one bloody well will, if it kills me! I admit though, the photo actually shows 2 toiles (out of old sheets) and then my red fashion fabric. But there will be a third AND I VERY MUCH HOPE FINAL one, to check I've got it right.
  • Colour of year - why yes! This is a scarf with a plan that I hatched in about October, and I was rather pleased to see that Pantone subsequently approved my colour choice. Hopefully you will see this in another incarnation relatively soon!

And then in the dreams section of my 2013-non-planning plan...

... and a Sewaholic Alma?? These are all patterns I have queued up, excitedly waiting to be tried (OK I admit, I'm the excited one, not the patterns). The washing basket is full of the old sheets and cheap jersey that I am planning to use either for toile versions or easy, hopefully wearable muslim, trial versions. Yes I have a lot of old sheets, and I recently hauled more from a lovely charity shop in the UK while staying with the folks. More on that soon (can you stand the suspense??)

In other news, what the above pictures don't show is a recent space invasion.

We got a desktop computer. As was always the plan for this room. But still, I am totally having my crafting mojo disturbed by G sitting there. Especially because he keeps saying things like, oh so THAT's where all the washing baskets have gone. I thought you were actually doing washing with them. And actually, I don't have any clean shirts. [...] Insert here what I believe is called a pregnant pause [...]

The dreaming/planning/doing of all the above has also been recently interrupted by this:

Winter has finally hit, and lovely it is too. The view from my craft room window (yes, it's still officially My Craft Room!!) is now this:

And this is what's on the table:

Mitten attack! (And my current favourite mug).

:: :: ::
So which are you - a dreamer, a planner or a just plain do-er? Do you get stressed without a list, or perhaps more stressed by having one? Or stressed by the fact that everyone else has one (hand up!)

If you're a planner or a list-maker, do you let yourself deviate and sew inspirational interruptions? Or does that just not happen? I've got to say - it was the total inability to stick to a list that did for my attempts to plan any more. And I'm so much happier for having given it up!

And finally, what I really want to know today is - what are you sewing right now?

Please tell!


  1. I enjoyed the trip around your craft room and your captions and comments had me laughing! I'm definitely a planner and a list maker. In fact I can get out of sorts if things don't go as planned which I really should get over since things never go as planned! I've just finished the Tiramisu dress and the Charlotte skirt is next on my list.

    1. That's why I stopped making lists, it was bothering me so much when things didn't happen like I was planning! I'm tempted by the Tiramisu - but trying not to buy more patterns till I've dealt with the ones I've got!

  2. I am trying to be a planner....I have a mental list for each season and probably make 40% of it and get sidetracked with other projects. Also I would love to get sewing for the next season completed well in advance but that never seems to happen, usually I'm sewing for summer well into autumn! Oh well. Right now I'm finishing up the second scout tee and then I think I might make a tunic-type thing. Great post!

    1. Oh yes, I have the same seasonal thing and it bothers me terribly! But I'm trying to just accept it because it's not likely to change :-) Plus, I seem to be getting much longer term wear out of my homemades than bought clothes, so apart from the frustration of not being able to wear things immediately, I'm learning to just 'file' them for the next year. It's a total transformation in my wardrobe use!

  3. I've got my list, but it's really just a place to put the dreams. I'll get sidetracked I know by other things, at which time I'll add to that list and pretend it was there all the time. Sewing the Charlotte Skirt but we are off to the mountains tomorrow for a week so might do a bit of knitting... Did you make those mittens?

    1. Love the adaptable list! And yes I did make the mittens - in the picture there is the lining and I was half way through. We're due more snow tomorrow so I'm holding out for some good action photos of them :-)

      Have a great holiday!


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