Sunday, 6 January 2013

Wine-stained apron

Doesn't sound like much of a present for a best friend, does it?

But H and I love wine and we love to cook, and when I spotted this fabric from Our Patterned Hand I knew I had to make her something with it and an apron seemed perfect. I traced my favourite one which covers everything and ties round at the front like on Masterchef, and got all fancy with a D-ring so the neck band would be adjustable. It's lined and sturdy so it should take everything she can throw at it.

If we ever decide it should have been a tablecloth instead we can always go DIY with some white linen and a bottle of red (it'll be a pleasure!).

Obviously I couldn't get H to model it before giving it to her, so you get me instead :-)

Incidentally, ordering from Our Patterned Hand was a joy. I phoned them for a postage quote, being on the other side of the sea from them, and they were so very helpful and friendly, and got it sent off super quick. Recommended!

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  1. That is fantastic fabric! I bet your friend just loves their apron!


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